Monday, January 14, 2008

Won't you let me take you on a sea cruise? Ooooheee Oooheee Baby!

It was a really tough day but with the help of two naps...I managed to survive. The day was spent on Deck 10 reading, laughing at yellow Speedo man (he also had matching yellow Croc's AND yellow sunglasses) and enjoying the sun. I used plenty of sun screen and did just fine but some of our group didn't think they needed sun screen. They were wrong. Several of us went to one of the lounges this evening and enjoyed the live music. I'm not sure enjoyed is the right word but we were certainly entertained. The group was called Amadeus and consisted of two Asian girls and a piano player. They have beautiful voices but whoever made their musical selections should be smacked...hard. They opened their show with Neal Sedaka's CALENDAR GIRLS and it went like this, "I wuve I wuve my wittle cowander gurl! tart the weer off fine...Febuwary..You're my wittle valwentine!" Of course our group thought this was hysterical and requested Whitney Houston's hit I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, Neil Diamond's SWEET CAROLINE plus any other song we could think of that had a lot of L's. At least nobody can say we are hard to entertain.