Saturday, January 5, 2008

My memory is shot...or is it?

I live in a large condo complex and have intoduced myself to the same couple three times. They are probably convinced that I am either the stupidest person on the face of the earth or recently escaped from a mental institution. I seem to remember the important things like lunch dates and days off but doctors appointments...pfffftbt. Not so much. I never forget to stock up on cat food because it only takes one or two times of waking up with a 15 lb (sorry Gingles, a lady should never tell another ladies weight) cat standing on your chest and four pointy little feet cutting off your oxygen. I also NEVER forget to buy Diet Cherry Coke because, well...apparently I need it to survive and Clamato Juice! I may be out of laundry detergent for two weeks but I always remember to buy Diet Cherry Coke and Clamato Juice. I have memory loss or have I learned the male trait of "selective memory"? Hmmm, I may be onto something, if I can just remember what it was.