Monday, January 28, 2008

Polly is a big ole whiner.

Polly called this afternoon demanding a retraction about the day she rear ended her sister and wrecked my new car. This is her was raining and her sister was stopped in the middle of the road. OK....MAYBE YOU WERE DRIVING TOO FAST ON A WET ROAD AND YOUR SISTER WAS STOPPED BECAUSE THE CAR IN FRONT OF HER WAS STOPPED! I have to say I was surprised to receive your call as I thought it was very kind of me not to mention that you were driving barefooted, not wearing a seatbelt, didn't have your drivers license with you and I also seem to remember that you were holding Casey (the poodle that you just had to have) and driving with one hand. Hmmm, don't you have a daughter who is very close to getting a drivers license? What's it worth to you if she never reads this story? How about this idea, submit your version of what happened and everybody can vote on who they think is more accurate. If you win the vote Tory never reads this entry but if I win I get to read it to her!


mtbyrd said...

OK I like to drive barefoot, and if I am not mistaken I learned that from you. The cop did state that the hill tends to accumulate grease more than usual and when it rains it is very slippery. Not commonly known. While we are telling tales, my parents had me driving a car with faulty wiring and when I was driving down the road at night all of a sudden I would lose the headlights, how safe is that! AND I was told by my parents to quite whinning I was not getting a new car! It is a miracle I am still living!

Jan said...

wow...that was harsh. It's not like the car caught fire or anything.