Friday, January 11, 2008

It was a really good plan!

I was going to work until Noon, let the carpet cleaners in at the rental, go home to take a nap, take Rosemary out to dinner, finish packing and be in bed by 9. Well...ppffffffftb. After completing 7 new proposals (of course I whined every step of the way) I left work about 2 and had to call Rosemary to let the carpet cleaners in as they beat me home. Just as I walked in the door the rental management company called and wanted to meet me at the rental for a walk through and sign the paperwork. Sigh..OK. I meet the agent and he tells me that if I can finish the cabinets and get all my crap (the way he said it was much nicer) he would start showing it this weekend. FINE So, I am boxing up my supplies (4 trips to the car), put the third coat of sealer on the cabinet doors, wipe down the counters AGAIN and by this time its 6pm. Soooooo, I walk over to Rosemary's and she wipes the white cabinet dust off my ample behind (navy blue pants, very attractive), I wipe the sweat off, wash my hands and we go to dinner. Dinner at Lone Star was wonderful...filet, grilled shrimp and TommyB had the ribs. I took Rosemary and TommyB home and THEN went to the mall to get my nails done. I got home, threw a load in the washer, STARTED packing and I don't care if it rains for the next 7 days. My behind is going to be in a deck chair reading my book! Don't you know my friends are looking forward to spending the next week with me??