Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bimini's Oyster Bar

Steamed oysters on Sunday nights has become somewhat of a tradition for TommyB, Rosemary and I. I did break rank and ordered fried oysters and shrimp instead of steamed and received a moderate razing from TommyB. We had the worst waitress in history this evening. I asked 4 (FOUR!) times for a slice of lemon for my water and never did get it...I ended up taking the one on my dinner plate. We never received any drink refills, Tom wanted another beer but apparently he got the last one in the restaurant. We assume he got the last one because if there were more available to sell I'm sure any waitress would have asked if he would like another one. We were there less than an hour and she was in the bathroom at least five times. That means she either has some kind of gastric issue (and with my luck it's contagious), a Readers Digest hidden in there or all of her tips are going up her nose. Sure hope she has a backup plan on how to support herself because she's going to be living in a van down by the river if she continues as a waitress.
It was beautiful today so I finally got the Christmas lights and "Morty's tree" taken down from the screened porch. Morty is less than pleased and could not understand why I had taken down his bird/squirrel/turtle/heron watching perch. Poor Mort has fallen out of that tree so many times I was debating on getting him one of those buttons you wear around your neck for when YOU HAVE FALLEN AND CAN'T GET UP. I worry about that old lady...hope the paramedics finally arrived and got her back on her feet because best I can figure she has been laying in that hallway about 5 years now. I really would like to have one of those buttons. Oh, I don't need it because I fall down but I sure could use some help getting things off the top shelf or bringing in the half ton of cat food Morty and Ginglebelle go through each week. is help and if I pay the fee I will press that button any darned time I feel like pressing a button. Any bets on how quickly my button would be confiscated?