Friday, January 18, 2008

Last Day At Sea

Well, I have one person not speaking to me. I told Debi about this great tanning lotion I bought last year in Cozumel so she bought a bottle while we were there. Debi is olive skinned and we had spent the last 5 days in the sun...who knew she would burn? Well...ha ha, guess what? Debi has a dandy burn and apparently she didn't put the lotion on evenly because her burn is rather...uhhh, striped. Chris and I didn't laugh too much. OK, we did but we tried to do it when Debi wasn't around. Debi, I PROMISE, I really didn't think you would burn. Well , John and Jennifer won the award for "Most Disgusting Breakfast Topic". The 12 of us ate breakfast at different times and places and if you ate in the main dining room the hostess always asks if you would like to share a table. When the hostess asked if they would like to share a table Jen said yes before John could say no and it went downhill from there. There were 8 people at their table and everyone but John and Jen had a recent surgery or procedure to discuss. Colonoscopy's, knee or hip replacement and cataract surgery are always popular topics but John and Jen hit the jackpot. There was a lady at their table who had recent surgery for her plantars wart and apparently the wart was coming back. She very generously offered to show John and Jen the wart but they politely declined. OH...that wasn't the only award! Mark & Donna received the Short Bus Award for fitting in with our group so well. Sid was awarded the Disco Turtle for his dancing display at Studio 52 and the crew is still talking about THAT night. Doug received the coveted Blackjack Lucky Bitch award and the race was tight but after three tied votes it was decided that TommyB earned the FART PANTIES award. No explanation necessary. Everybody is bummed this evening. We are all "sort of" ready to go home but we have had such a good time we aren't ready for it to end yet. Oh well, guess it's time to put our big girl panties on and go back to the real world. Do we have to???