Thursday, January 24, 2008

Looking back...

I received a nice note from an old friend which was followed by a long telephone visit and we we caught up with each others lives. She reminded me of many funny things that happened when our kids were growing up so of course I MUST share them here. In my mind I can see Polly and Eddie throwing up their hands and saying, "OH GOOD what." Polly was 16 and we were living in Clinton, IN. She and her friend Mika wanted to "cruise" downtown (all 4 blocks) one summer evening and we told them that was fine but DO NOT leave the city limits and be home by 11. "Yes Dad, we will, we'll be careful...see you at 11!" their defense they were home by 11. Dave and I had a peaceful evening sitting out on the deck watching the deer come up to drink from the lake, a glass of wine...very pleasant. About 10'0clock we came inside to watch the news just like we did every other night and turned on the TV. The news was being telecast from the county fair (35 miles away) and the reporter said, "What a perfect night to be out and about. Let's see what these two pretty young ladies have to say about this years fair." Yep, Polly and Mika in living color right in our living room. Like Dave used to say, "Jan, I don't know what upsets me the most... that they do these things or that they are soooo stupid."