Saturday, January 26, 2008

Should Teenagers be allowed to drive? Uhhh...I vote no.

During their high school years both girls had the tough job of lifeguarding at the local country club. I'm not real sure how you can use sitting on a tall white chair, tanning and whistle twirling on your college application but I'm sure they both found a creative way to make it sound impressive. One Friday afternoon Dave and I were in the basement working on finishing an apartment for my Mother (oh boy, that's another story) when Eddie came in from work and yelled down the stairs, "I'm going to the bank to cash my right back!" OK, careful. Two minutes later Polly yelled down the stairs, "I'm going to the bank to cash my right back." OK, careful. About 5 minutes after they left the phone rang and it was Eddie who was in tears. "Mom..Polly and I have had a wreck and the policeman says we need you and Dad here right away." "Polly and I aren't hurt but can you hurry?" Of course we went flying out the door and were almost to the scene of the accident when Dave turned to me and said, "Jan...they are in the same car, right?" "Well, of course they are! They were both going to the bank at the same time, they wouldn't take two cars." Well...ha ha! Eddie was driving her car (affectionally known as Little Grey) and Polly had decided to take MY new Oldsmobile as it had gas and hers didn't. Eddie had stopped to allow the car in front of her to make a left turn when Polly came flying over the hill (again, in my new car) and rear ended her. When we arrived a pretty good crowd had gathered and the policeman was standing by Little Grey filling out the paperwork. He asked for the owner of "Little Grey" to step forward. Dave supplied the insurance and contact information for "Little Grey" and the policeman moved to the car Polly was driving. The policeman said, "I need the owner of this car to step forward." Again Dave moved to that car and the policeman said, "I am finished with your car sir, I need the owner of this vehicle." Rather gruffly Dave told him he was the owner of both cars. The policeman said, "Sisters?" Dave said yes and the policeman burst out laughing. He then tore up the tickets, patted Dave on the shoulder and told him to hang in there because they do eventually grow up and leave home.