Monday, January 7, 2008

January is supposed to be slow.

What the heck happened? The phone is ringing off the hook, people getting married, business seminars, the Presidential debates and don't even get me started on the Red Hatters. Apparently these people did not read the rules before entering JANNY LAND and the rules very clearly state THOU SHALL NOT MAKE JAN WORK DURING THE MONTH OF JANUARY BECAUSE WE DARN NEAR KILLED HER DURING THE MONTH OF DECEMBER . Lord knows I don't ask for much (we all know that is a big lie but just ignore it) and I really don't think it's asking too much to be allowed to veg quietly in my cubette (it's a cubette because it's too small to be called a cube) and totally ignore January. You will have to excuse me now....think I feel a big pout coming on.