Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Elvis was in Cozumel!

I LOVE Cozumel! Affordable shopping, a pier instead of a tender, great food and reasonable prices. We all went shopping and I ventured out on my own for the afternoon. When Barb and I were here last February we came across a great little family restaurant that made the best guacamole...EVER. I managed to find the restaurant on the first try and spent two hours sipping Margarita's, reading my book and enjoying the chips and guacamole. After returning to the ship, I spent the rest of the afternoon on the sun deck reading followed by a 3 hour nap! A few of THE DIRTY DOZEN (The Filthy Six?) consumed all the tequila at Carlo's and Charlies in addition to Senor Frog's entire liquor supply for 2008. Chris bought TommyB a lovely souvenir burgundy and gold (very tasteful) sombrero but TommyB threw a blue butt monkey fit and refused to wear his hat. Well...his loss. Sid now has the hat, LOVES to wear it and none of us have the heart to him he looks like Topo Gigo from the old Ed Sullivan Show. The local police department were kind enough to return our group to the ship and I don't want to name names but let's just leave it at not ALL of us are welcome back in Cozumel. Apparently The Filthy Six met up with Elvis at Senor Frog's and brought him back to join our group. What a night! Elvis did a Sunset Performance from the top deck and the entire ship screamed, yelled and applauded. The only negative comment that I heard were a few of the older ladies requested Elvis to remove his truss. Oh well, you can't please everybody.