Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Grand Cayman

7 Mile Beach...wow, what a beautiful place. It's hard to believe the deep blue, rich color of the water is even more intense than the postcard pictures. The water is crystal clear and I thought I was looking down into about 3 feet of water and found out instead of 3 feet it was 30 feet. Amazing, all the beautiful fish, white sand and turquoise water. Grand Cayman is a banking and shopping mecca but unfortunately most of the shopping was waaaay out of my budget. John and Jen took the submarine excursion, Mark and Donna shopped, Doug, Chris, Brian and Megan went to 7 Mile Beach where Doug made an interesting discovery. It appears to be a skull ...hmm, anybody have Nancy Grace's phone number? Chris plans to use the skull to hold paper clips and rubber bands until she hears from Nancy. Debi, Sid, TommyB and I toured the downtown area and went back to the little waterfront bar TommyB and I found last year. Anytime someone mentions a perfect day I know this afternoon will be one of the first memories that comes to mind.