Sunday, December 9, 2007

Wish I lived closer to a Chinese Restaurant.

Why? Because Ginglebelle kept me up until almost 2AM while she was out cattin' (ha! good one) around last night and I would have loved to drop her off someplace where she could be put to good use. Oh not really but Morty and I were getting more than slightly irritated when she stayed out so late last night. I would have LOVED to leave her hairy behind out all night but if I'm not right at the door to let her Royal Highness in then she goes to my neighbors bedroom window and meows until Carolee gets up and CARRIES her home. Carolee is a really really nice person but there are limits. Let's just say if Ginglebelle does that again I am willing to bet Carolee will be the proud new owner of a beautiful black throw rug...with feet. And a tail.