Tuesday, December 25, 2007

We DID have dinner!

Eddie and I managed to get the food together but we both forgot the rolls. We had plenty of flour (especially on the floor AND Avery after the noodle making) so I asked Eddie if she had any yeast...thank goodness she didn't so I didn't have to make rolls. Whew, that was a close one. Avery and Cameron managed to stay in bed until the clock almost said 630. Mike practiced with them several times before they went to bed and they had it down pat. Well, sort of. Cameron woke up and yelled down the hall, "DAAAAD! Is 605 later than 630?" "No, Cameron..go back to sleep." "DAAAAADD! Is 617 later than 630?" No, Cameron...go back to sleep". "DAAAAAD! Is 620 later than 630?" And so it goes. We all went downstairs and Santa had been there! Santa left Avery a new American Girl Doll named Emily and for Cameron he left Pokemon cards and according to Cameron they are not duds they are the GOOD ones! Eddie always makes pigs in a blanket and fresh pineapple for breakfast on Christmas morning and I don't think there was a scrap leftover. Polly and family arrived about 3pm and after dinner we went outside and enjoyed the nice day. The kids played soccer and of course the "swingshot". The best way to describe the swingshot is to say it's probably every ER Dr's worst nightmare. It's a contraption Mike has hung between two trees that, well...it catapults small children about 20 feet into the air and of course the kids think it's the coolest thing ever. We all went for a walk around the neighborhood, through the woods and of course stomped through every puddle. There were hundreds of dollars of new toys at the house but the favorite toy of the day was a deflated beach ball one of the kids found in the creek. Someone blew it up (yuk, never got a confession) and they played with that ball all the way home. We opened gifts when we got back to Mike & Eddie's and the kids played the rest of the evening. We were up to our ears in noodles, fudge and rum cake. We all had a great day, couldn't have been more fun.