Thursday, December 27, 2007

Morty and Ginglebelle are comatose.

We had so much fun today but just not enough time. Everybody slept until almost nine and after cereal and toast we decided to go to Tanger Outlet. We stopped by The Gap first and according to Polly (and she should know because she paid the bill) we cleaned them out of tank tops and camisoles. She said it kind of snotty too. Sarah, Tory, Katy and I went down to see if Justice was having a sale and they did but not much that interested our group except for the Webkins. Everybody has two new Webkins and man oh man, don't you wish you were the person who came up with THAT idea? Those folks have to be rolling in the $$$. Tory has developed into a BIG Duke fan so we stopped by The Locker Room and stocked her up (much to Uncle Mike's dismay) on Duke items. Uncle Mike is a Tar Heel fan to the bone so I can see some interesting conversations in our future especially during basketball season. We stopped for lunch at (where else) Planet Hollywood and after lunch we made a quick visit to the aquarium. We had our pictures taken (loved the cowgirl one the best) and then hit the road again to meet Tony and Matthew in Lumberton. SOMEBODY...hmmm, Polly maybe? forgot to call Tony when we left Myrtle Beach and we had a little time to kill at the Cracker Barrel in Lumberton. Soooo, we ate again. I think this holiday had a definite theme. Tony and Matthew arrived and we loaded everybody back up for the trip home to Montana. I don't think there is anything any lonlier than that drive back to Myrtle Beach all myself.