Sunday, December 30, 2007

STILL Caulking and Cabinets

Anybody remember the carpenter/handymen on Green Acres? I think it was a brother and sister and their names were Ralph and Ralph? Ralph and Alph? Well...I have officially become the sister. Everytime I think I'm done I find another project and it's starting to really tick me off. The cabinet doors were looking a bit iffy but not anymore! I also removed some kind of acrylic that had been "sloshed" on the master bath ceramic tile floor. Good looked like whoever put it on stood in the middle of the room and slung a bucket over their head. After two hours on my knees with a putty knife, a lot of bad words and elbow grease the acrylic is OFF and the floor is pristine. I keep waiting for HGTV to call and schedule a taping...of course mine would be a WHAT NOT TO DO show but what the heck, I have to start somewhere.