Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Have I mentioned I hate my van??

Ohhh, probably only about 27 times a day. I am just not a van kinda gal...didn't want it six years ago and want it even less today. Six years ago the van was a necessity (still didn't make me like it) and now it's just an irritation. However, it's not quite irritating enough for me to take on a car payment...but we are getting closer. My friends all call it the Westinghouse because it's big, white and square...looks just like a refrigerator and nobody would be surprised if ice cubes shot out of the muffler. There is a power sliding door that has been a pain in the patoot from day one. You have to hold your mouth just right every time you close the darn thing or the sensor will BUZZ (and buzz and buzz) trying to tell you the door isn't closed even though the door is TOO SHUT TIGHT AND I HAVE ALREADY CHECKED IT 12 TIMES AND I REFUSE TO CHECK IT AGAIN SO STOP BUZZING!! Welllll....when TommyB, Rosemary and I went out for Mexican food the other night the door was giving me fits again so TommyB gave it a good body slam and now the door buzzes constantly unless the van is in park. It's a 20 minute drive to work and I can stand anything for 20 minutes. However....on Sunday I have a four hour drive. Hmm, any bets on how long it takes before I blow the thing to smithereens? My family and friends all complain about how hard it is to shop for me...well, how about a 2006 (it can be pre-owned, I'm not a new car snob) Lincoln Navigator? Silver with a gray interior or navy with a tan interior would be nice and I definitely want a power sun roof. OH OK...I don't need anything that big but a Honda CR-V or a Toyota Rav-4 would work very nicely. No pressure but Christmas is ONLY 6 days away!