Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's PARTY time!

We had the first of three large groups tonight so one down and two to go! The band was great and as usual it took awhile to get the dancing started but once they did the floor was full the rest of the night. The karaoke room was packed and the DJ also had a full house. Everything was running smoothly so I "snuck" out shortly after 11. don't read this, do you? Hmmm, guess I will find out on Monday. After a quick stop at the grocery I headed for home (1/2 step ahead of the drunks), popcorn and my book. Sooo, there I am trying to unlock the front door while juggling my purse, a 12 pack of Diet Cherry Coke, mail, brief case and a big butt jug of Tide. I ALMOST managed to get that accomplished just as I dropped the Tide, the Diet Cherry Coke box split and cans rolled off in three directions. DANG! I gathered everything up and shoved the door open with my foot just as Ginglebelle, the escape artist, ran between my feet which caused me to drop the Diet Cherry Coke, again. ARRRG! I slammed the Tide down on the counter (scared poor Morty half to death) went back outside to gather up the Diet Cherry Coke AGAIN and saw Ginglebelle high tail down the steps toward freedom. Ginglebelle, darlin'...I AIN"T IN THE MOOD. Of course if I had spent the day with Morty who lives to chomp my tail, sit on my head and bite my ears I probably would run out the front door too. So I called for Ginglebelle who didn't actually look over her shoulder and yell, "Yeah right, in your dreams lady", but it was close. FINE. I put the Tide away and CAREFULLY put the Diet Cherry Coke in the fridge. That coke may settle enough to open by next Tuesday. While Morty had dinner I changed into my jammies, popped popcorn and plotted Ginglebelles demise. So Morty is now sleeping on my shoulder and I'm going to read a few pages in my book before I head for bed. Ginglebelle darlin', you better decide to come home before I go to bed or your hiney is spending the night outside.
In case you missed it, please check out the new addition to my favorite blogs. This site is a great read and the photos are out of this world. Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom so you can see "Charlie" when he was only ten days old. One look and I bet you will be hooked too!