Friday, November 30, 2007

Cell Phones

Cell phones and I have a real love/hate relationship. I went through a period several years ago when I lost six phones in less than a year. Yep, six. I normally don't buy the insurance that is always offered but a little voice must have said, "BUY THE INSURANCE, YA BIG DUMMY" and am I glad I did! The first phone I lost was in my possession less than a month when it went AWOL. I am almost positive it went out with the Sunday paper. Sooo, I called the nice lady at the phone insurance office and she got a new phone overnighted to me. Great! Over the next three months I lost five more phones and let me share some info...the nice lady at the phone insurance office is not nearly as nice the sixth time you call her as she was the first time you called. I did find three of them when I moved the furniture in my bedroom and even called the "not so nice lady at the phone insurance office" and offered to mail them to her. She had another suggestion but it didn't involve the postal system. One thing I didn't understand is why everytime they replaced my phone they sent a smaller one. Hellloooo? If you are replacing an item someone keeps losing...would you send them a smaller one? TommyB said if it was up to him my next phone would be attached to a hunk of 2 by 4 and hung around my neck by a log chain.