Monday, November 19, 2007

Another one of THOSE days.

I hit the floor running at work this morning and got a ton of things off my desk..yea! I decided to leave about 3 and head over to the rental and finish putting the sealer on the walls that need to be papered so after changing clothes I cut across the parking lot ready to git er' done. The painters were there working (yea!) and another brother had shown up to help so they had given him my paint roller. OH MY GOSH..I really do have Larry, Darryl and Darryl! They offered to give the roller back...nooooo, you keep painting and I will work on something else. The 4 ft by 5 ft mirror in the hall bath needed to come down, and NO, I don't paper around things, so I took the clips off and got halfway down the ladder before I realized I didn't have enough room to get the mirror turned without help. Help! They came to the rescue and put the mirror in a safe place. OK, now the light fixture needs to come down off the wall. One, two, three corners loosened. is stuck tight on the last corner. OK...turn it this way, give it a twist and hmmm, still stuck. No problem, get the screwdriver, pop the corner and it will come right off. Well..ha ha, guess what? HELP! The only saving grace is the guys had as much trouble as I did taking down the light fixture and that did make me feel a little better except they did actually get it off the wall. However, now there is a patch (darned corner) that needs to dry before I can put on the sealer. FINE...I will sand the bathroom cabinet door edges in the other bathroom and get them ready to paint. Well, guess number three is painting that bathroom. No problem, all the light fixtures need to be washed so I'll fill the kitchen sick with hot soapy water and get that out of the way. Great idea except the water is turned off at that sink so I can replace the faucets. Oh well, this is as good a time as any to replace the faucets and I will be in business. It was right about then that I remember the sink wrench is back at my place. Oh the heck with it...I'm going home and see if Oprah's day is going better than mine. What do you want to bet Larry, Darryl and Darryl did the happy dance when I announced that I was leaving?