Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Why, why, why do we do it to ourselves every year? Turkey, ham, dressing, sweet potatoes AND mashed potatoes which I totally understand because you HAVE to have some type of food that dents to hold the gravy so you can dip your turkey...DUH. Then we move to the corn, peas, deviled eggs, olives, stuffed celery, yeast rolls and best of all...pumpkin pie, chocolate cake, peanut butter fudge AND apple pie. Sooooo...tomorrow means ham and scalloped potatoes and for the next month we will have turkey sandwiches, turkey Manhattans, turkey tetrazzini, turkey casserole (nobody know what the heck is in that culinary masterpiece), turkey and eggs...OK, I made that last one up but there will be a plethora of turkey for the next few weeks. I'm always a little leery when someone invites me over for dinner right after Thanksgiving. Don't get me wrong, I love turkey but after the third or fourth time that bird is run around the table, the thrill is gone. So this suggestion is for all my friends. If you plan to invite me over for dinner do us both a favor and just TELL me if we are having leftover turkey. If you are, I will probably still accept (hey, even turkey is a nice break from my all popcorn all the time dinner routine) but I think it's only fair to give me a heads up. Hmmm, should that be wattle up?