Friday, November 9, 2007

Need a BIG bow?

I'm not talking about a little ole teeny tiny bow for a present..I'm talking about a "big butt" 2+ foot in diameter bow! Well, good luck. Went to all the obvious places like Michael's, no deal. It was suggested we try a car dealership because they sometimes deliver cars as gifts and they have big bows. A new car on Christmas morning is something I have heard about but never experienced hint, hint, hint. I only mentioned it just in case anyone is struggling with what they can buy me for Christmas this year. So TommyB and I stopped by the Chrysler dealership and asked a salesman about the bows. "Oh yeah, I get them all the time from the party shop by Sam's Club." Wonderful! So we stop by there and the owner looks at me like I have three heads and says, "Uhhh....we haven't carried that type of ribbon for over three years." Arrrrrg! I was ready to go back to the dealership and smack that little salesman but then I felt sorry for him because apparently he has not sold a car during the holiday season in quite some time. Yesterday Old Time Pottery had told us they could make the bows and today decided they couldn't. Well, after MANY phone calls, much discussion about ribbon under wire (yes, just like a bra) and three trips to Old Time Pottery we finally have the bows. So, if in the future you find yourself in need of some "big butt bows" please give me a call because I can save you some serious shopping aggravation. I have spent less time purchasing a house than I did buying those 4 bows.

P.S. The house cost less per square foot than the bows.