Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good news? Bad news? OH MY GOD news?

Well, I think this is good news. I'm not sure yet but I will let you know in about two weeks. There has been a holiday party on the books for the past three or four months with 300-500 guests. Nice size party but certainly not the largest we have done. Band is reserved, DJ is booked, karaoke is ready to go...yes, they do karaoke. Jack Daniels has not manufactured enough alcohol for me to do karaoke. So back to my story. The party chairperson called to confirm our meeting time to finalize the details and we are chatting about the weather, Thanksgiving, shopping and then he said, "OH...I guess I should mention that our count has gone to over 800 and may top out at 1,000." Gulp....wow, how wonderful! As you can imagine one of the biggest challenges during the holidays is finding enough help. We use a temp agency when we have to but it has been our experience that you spend most of the night hunting down your help, scooping them out of dark corners and putting them back to work. Sooooo...hung up the phone and dialed TommyB. That went well...he said something about did I think he could pull wait people out of his...hmmm, now what did he say? I was thinking to myself I really wish that was possible because at this late date that's about the only way we will have enough help but I was wise enough not to share my thoughts. After that warm and fuzzy exchange I called the Chef who took the news much better than TommyB. OK folks, let's see a show of hands out there...how many of you have black pants, black shoes, white tux shirt and tie? Great! Please call TommyB ASAP.