Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Morty and the coat hanger.

I don't own any wire hangers but did anybody besides me just have a vision of Joan Crawford screaming, "NO wire hangers!!!"? I am not a Hollywood diva but I do prefer the plastic hangers mainly because clothes stay on the plastic ones much better than the wire. For some reason I have been waking up every morning at 3 AM. One second I am sound asleep and the next second my eyelids fly up like two dollar window shades. You probably don't think those first three sentences are related but you would be wrong. So, I am sound asleep minding my own business and when 3 AM rolls around I am wide awake. Since I am OLD, I get up and go to the bathroom. There are four key words in that last sentence. Old, Get, Up and Bathroom. If you are already old then no explanation is required and if you aren't old, one day you will be and explanation will be required. So, I'm sitting there contemplating the back of the bathroom door and wishing it was either 11 PM so I could sleep six more hours or 6 AM so the paper would be here and I would have something to do before I get ready for work. Apparently I have also disturbed Morty and I hear him jump from the bed (well duh, of course he sleeps on the bed) to the floor. Then everything becomes a blur. Somehow...and I am still not sure how, Morty got a plastic coat hanger stuck around his tummy. How in the world do you go from sound asleep to stuck in a hanger in under five seconds? He is not a big kitty and if he had moved a fraction of an inch the right way the hanger would have fallen off but that is just not the way things work at this house. I can hear Morty frantically clacking around the bedroom trying to lose the hanger and just as I turn on the light Morty smacks right into the dresser and of course the hanger falls off. Ginglebelle looks at him like he is a total idiot and an embarrassment to all felines. So...what kind of hangers do you prefer?