Friday, November 16, 2007

Interesting Lunch

Janie won several free lunches at a new local restaurant and generously offered to share them with book club and of course the book club members said, "Free lunch...heck yeah!" Debi and I picked Rosemary up and headed to meet the rest of the group at the new restaurant which happens to be located on Main Street. Myrtle Beach is not a large town and Main Street is MAYBE 10 blocks long. However, the urban planners had to be drunk when they laid out the city streets because Main Street is N shaped with several intersections, stop lights and one very interesting sign that says Main Street but if you turn there you are in a parking lot. I know this for a fact because we did that twice. That kind of stuff is funny when we are messing with the tourists but when it starts interfering with lunch, now that is a different story. After much back tracking, shouting, pointing, nausea (sorry Debi) and by pure chance...we found the restaurant. In our defense the sign on the front of the restaurant was the size of a smallish dinner plate. Just a suggestion, but ya might want to invest in a slightly larger sign. The restaurant was very clean and the waiter immediately brought us the menu. They specialize in wraps and the selections were chicken, roast beef, pork and seafood. Everything is prepared fresh and the cooking smells were wonderful. Here is the kicker...the "foundation" for each wrap is mashed potatoes. Yep, that's right...mashed potatoes. Soooo...I had roasted chicken breast, ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato and shredded cheese all mixed in mashed potatoes and served in a freshly made wrap. It was good but it sort of reminded me of a sandwich you might put together when you are 20 and wake up at 4 AM but don't feel like driving to Taco Bell in your jammies. Guess a repeat visit is really not an option for Rosemary, Debi or I as the chances of us ever finding it again are pretty darn slim!