Sunday, November 18, 2007

100 Things About Me

It has been brought to my attention that once you reach 100 posts you are supposed to list 100 things about yourself. As usual I am just a tad bit behind (ONLY 55 posts!) but those of you who know me can't be too surprised. Good grief, my kids are hardly speaking to me now and I'm supposed to tell MORE??? What the heck, here grandma always said, in for a penny in for a pound. Whatever that means. 1. My first pet was a parakeet named Sweetie Pie. 2. My second pet was a white kitty named Snowball who ate my first pet. 3. Favorite homemade meal is beef & noodles. 4. I sucked my thumb until I was in 2nd grade. 5. In 1958 Bev Parrot told me there was no Santa Claus. 6. I didn't believe her then and I don't believe her now. 7. Barb Lidster and I cannot ride a tandom bicycle, but we certainly entertained the neighbors trying. 8. My cousin Chris says I was a biter but I remember it the other way around. 9. Verlin Lindley was my first boyfriend. We were in first grade and I loved his blond hair. 10. My mother made me wear an undershirt until I was in 6th grade. 11. I love Hostess Snowballs. 12. Bev Parrot, Anny Millikin and I used to eat Miracle Whip sandwiches. 13. When my children were small I dressed them in matching plaid polyester outfits AND took their picture, many times. 14. When I was 13 and Anny was 14 we wrecked her brothers motorcycle and she still has a burn scar on her leg. 15. Polly broke her finger when she was 3 but mother of the year didn't take her to the doctor for three days. I swear it didn't look that bad! 16. Our post office box number in Kingman was 193. Grandma and Poppy's was 102 and I remember the combination for both of them. 17. When Eddie was 5 we went to the airport to pick up her Daddy who was coming home from a business trip to Japan. While we were waiting at the gate in the international terminal she started to run a fever and then I noticed she was breaking out in chicken pox. I have always wondered how many countries we infected that evening. 18. The first TV show I remember watching is Ding Dong School starring Miss Frances and sponsored by Bactene..guaranteed not to sting. Miss Francis lies. 19. I met Jim Nabors in an elevator in Dallas, TX. 20. Rainy days are my favorite. 21. I have no idea what color my hair is since I've been bleaching it for over 30 yrs. 22. Math was my least favorite subject in school. 23. I still love ABBA. 24. I know how to cut up a whole chicken. 25. I don't like for my food to touch. 26. The inside of my car is rarely clean. 27. I'm very trusting but do me wrong and we are finished. 28. Clowns scare me. 29. I cannot sew, knit or crochet. 30. Pepsi used to be my favorite but now it's Diet Cherry Coke. 31. During the 70's I was in several national TV commercials advertising Hammond organs. 33. Never lived in a house with air conditioning until 1973. 34. Popcorn is dinner at least 3 times a week. 35. I thought Mount Rushmore was a natural phenomon until I was 30. 36. Never saw the ocean until I was 24. 37. Lima beans are my least favorite vegetable. 38. I can walk on stilts and roller skate backwards, but not at the same time. 39. Basketball is my favorite sport. 40. I learned how to drive a stick shift when I was 16 in a 1964 GTO convertible. Loved that car and loved the boy who owned that car. 41. Never broke a bone until I was 51. 42. My favorite number is 5. 43. I believe in ghosts. 44. Breakfast for supper is one of my favorites. 45. When I was 6 I wet my pants sledding down Eubank hill because I was so scared. 46. I chipped my front tooth on the handlebar of my bike going down that same hill 6 years later. 47. When Ina Heath butchered chickens Jamie Allen and I used to chase each other with the chicken feet. 48. Bev Parrot, Rita Alward, Anny Millikin and I painted Rita's family's chicken house purple. Rita's mother was not happy. 49. Billie Jean Childers and I used to tease the bull across the road from her house until the bull jumped the fence one day and chased us home. 50. I never wore glasses until I was 40. 51. Bread crusts are yuky and need to be removed. 52. Euchre is my favorite card game. 53. One of the things I miss the most are family dinners. 54. Easter and Thanksgiving are my favorite holidays. 55. I'm not afraid of spiders but snakes freak me out. 56. Home is my favorite place on earth. 57. I think skunk spray smells like lemon. 58. I would rather be beat with a stick than have a garage sale. 59. Before I die I want to live on a houseboat or a Manhattan loft..preferably both. 60. We used to have a Harlequin Great Dane named Hamlet who was taller than the children. 61. I love sports cars especially MGB's. 62. I LOVE handbags. 63. My closet is very organized 99% of the time. 64. My motto is "If it ain't fun I ain't doin it". 65. I love the smell of the woods in the fall. 66. If I close my eyes I can still smell my Grandma's kitchen and hear my Poppy's voice. 67. I am very shy. 68. I hate moving but have relocated 17 times. 69. Love to pop my gum. 70. Chris Beattie is one of the brightest people I have ever met and one of my bestest friends. 71. My spices are alphabetical. 72. I have no use for televangelists. 73. If I'm not driving or riding in the front seat, I get car sick. 74. Have been really drunk one time in my life and that was more than enough. 75. When I use a fast food drive through I pay for the person behind me. 76. I don't like furniture lined up around the wall like a funeral home. 77. Nothing smells as good as a newborn babies head. 78. I Love Lucy, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Carol Burnett Show and Andy Griffith are still my favorites. 79. I want to smack people who do not respect our flag or stand for the national anthem. 80. I make great peanut butter fudge. 81. I have the best job and work with some of the greatest people in Myrtle Beach. Debi Shofner and I have more fun at work than most people do on vacation. 82. I could spend a $1,000 everytime I walk into Bed, Bath and Beyond. 83. I hate my van and want to trade cars but I hate car payments more than I hate my van. 84. Rude people drive me nuts and I just want to pinch their heads right off their shoulders. 85. Lavender Vanilla is my favorite fragrance. 86. Left lane drivers who poke along and block traffic should be machine gunned to oblivion. 87. Big t-shirts make the best nightgowns. 88. Playing Euchre online with Anny is something I look forward to everyday. 89. I love fried catfish. 90. Fall is my favorite season and the Parke County Bridge Festival is a must. 91. Least favorite household chore is taking out the trash. 92. The ads are correct...Dyson is the best vacuum ever made and worth every penny. 93. Online banking is one of the greatest inventions ever. 94. Bacon and coffee are two of the best smells.Just wish coffee tasted as good as it smells. 95. I love to read my book with a kitty purring on my shoulder. 96. Every room needs at least one candle. 97. I kill any live plant I come into contact with. 98. I love the smell of Vicks. 99. I believe as long as you laugh you will never be old and my friend Rosemary is the proof of that theory. 100. My daughters and grandchildren are the light of my life and my greatest wish is they remember me with as much love as I have for my mother and grandparents.


Anny said...

Some of those things I could explain, but prefer not too. And remember I know who the biter was!!!! I think Verlin was the only guy with pretty blonde hair in school.... Undershirts are warm and what do you mean you quit wearing them in 6th grade??? Bev's parents P. O. Box was 95, JIF and ours was 234, AHD; Bev's phone number was 3266..ours was 3119 and I have pictures with your nature hair are in your early 20's. We lived in a town where you could trust most people...I also have pictures of Bev, Jan and I on stilts during the summer of 1998. Individually of course. I still have my stilts that Bev's dad made us. I can't help it Rita's family didn't have any sense of color. Maybe we should have painted Virginia's..... I think she had a purple living room. Talk about gossiping...That kept people busy for weeks. I remember the GTO as being red. And the rest of the statements I will just leave alone, don't want to give away all the mystery.

Jan said...

Anny, Anny, Anny...the red car (I think it was a Chevy something) belonged to Bobby Millikan and didn't Jim Bond also have a red car almost identical to Bobby's? The GTO I learned to drive was tan? gold? with a black convertible top. Sure glad my memory is still good, probably because I'm not as old as you.