Monday, November 12, 2007


Everybody knows I love Mr. Morty to pieces and spoil him absolutely rotten. When I brush my teeth or put on makeup he will sit on his back legs like a rabbit and wait for me to pick him up and put him on the counter so he can play in the running water or bat my makeup off the counter. We have had this morning routine for months but I think it has come to a screaming halt. Morty was watching me brush my teeth just like he does every other day and when I say watched I mean he really gets into the process. I have a Sonicare toothbrush (my favorite toothbrush EVER) and I guess it's the noise that attracts him but he does everything short of pulling my lips apart and putting his head in my mouth so he can get a better look. Anyway, I rinsed my toothbrush off, put it back on the charger and got in the shower. I never take Morty off the bathroom counter as he just jumps down and I really never thought about what he does when I'm not standing at the sink. WELL....I stepped out of the shower and there is Morty LICKING my toothbrush. My first thought is NOOO! My second thought was, "OH MY GOSH....please let this be the first time he has licked my toothbrush!" Yeah, I ain't real bright but I'm pretty sure it wasn't the first time Morty has tasted Crest which would explain why my breath sometimes smelled like Little Frisky's while Mr. Mort was minty fresh. Sooo, my toothbrush now has a new brush head and is stored in a different locale. A locale with a DOOR. I have a doctor appointment in the morning and in addition to getting my regular prescriptions renewed I guess I better check on getting a good worming.