Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Thermometers

I know it's cold tonight (30's?) because I have two kitty's plastered to me and YES I have the furnace on! It's supposed to be back in the 60's tomorrow so Morty and Ginglebelle will be happy. Tom and Rosemary stopped by this afternoon while I was working over at the rental and Tom hooked up the cold water line to the sink for me...yea! The wallpaper roll was three inches short of being able to cover the last wall so I still have that to finish or maybe I could just buy a plant to cover the bare spot. Ginglebelle is solid black and the bookcase next to my black recliner is also black and yes I have a recliner...I am old and am just fine with that. The middle shelf on the bookcase is just the right height to serve as my end table so I usually have my "necessities" within reach. Anyway, this evening I was reading my book and reached over to the bookcase to get my Diet Cherry Coke and instead put my hand on something BIG, warm and furry. After I got off the floor....I was on the floor because that is where I landed when I got my feet tangled up in the afghan while flying out of the recliner to get away from whatever was BIG, warm and furry in my bookcase. Dumped the Coke, scared the tar out of Ginglebelle, AND ME. Yeah, yeah, was a real Lucy Ricardo moment.