Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Back to the beach.

The Montana kids wanted to spend ONE night at Grandma's house before heading back home so Polly and the three girls treked with me to Myrtle Beach. Tony and Matthew have plans to go quail and duck hunting and Matthew's job is to call the ducks so he was all fired up to get his Carharts on and get in the duck blind. Cameron and Eddie were semi under the weather so it was probably best that we didn't stay the extra day but the time together was too short. Morty and Ginglebelle were THRILLED to see us! They were lonesome and ready to play. Katy found the laser cat toy and ran Morty up and down the hall about 780 times and then discovered Morty would chase the light up the wall. Poor Mort, he ain't the brightest bulb in the tanning bed. Ginglebelle stood over to one side and you could tell she was thinking, "What an idiot, he's a total embarrassment to all felines." There are over 1,000 great restaurants in Myrtle Beach but all we wanted to do was stay home for dinner, put on our jammies, pile on Grandma's bed and watch a movie. We had crab legs, boiled potatoes and of course MORE fudge and rum cake. While I was loading the dishwasher it was Sarah & Katy's job to check out the cable movie rentals and find one we could all watch. In case you are interested...the B button on the remote control does not mean "back up" it means BUY. We had two movies! I couldn't tell you anything about either one of them because according to reliable sources..I was asleep.