Sunday, December 2, 2007

I am addicted to Clamato Juice.

Six months ago I had never heard of the stuff and now I'm going through a gallon a week. Think they have support groups for Clamato Juice addiction? Oh I bet there is and if I can manage to wade through all the paperwork I can probably apply for disability too. That makes as much sense as some of the other disability cases I have seen. I used to work with a lady who (according to her) had terrible back problems all stemming from a work injury. She missed more days than she was there and when she did show she was useless. After three years of this the company finally put her under video surveillance. Yep you guessed it....they ended up with video of her jet skiing, bowling, building a rock garden and best of for a marathon. Well why not, she was never at work so that gave her lots of free time to train. The case finally went to court and not only did she lose but she had to pay back three years of disability payments. Yes! Score one for the good guys. How in the world did I get from Clamato Juice to disability fraud?? My mind can be a very scary place.