Monday, December 3, 2007

Morty is a homeowner!

Yep, thanks to Mabel, Sid and Debi... Morty now has own cat house, every mans dream come true. I have to call it "Morty's" and not "Morty and Ginglebelle's" cat house because Morty will not allow Ginglebelle in, on or around the cat house. Ginglebelle wants to get in there and check it out really really bad but when she gets close Morty His Royal Highness Who Rules The Land stands on tiptoe, bristles up, hisses, pops her on top of the head and then Gingles runs and hides behind the couch. Last night Morty fell asleep in my lap and Ginglebelle got a turn to play. She kept one eye on Morty the whole time but she finally got to bat the dangle toys and even climbed up on the roof to take her own nap. So hairy little tyrant.


Eddie Carter said...

I guess if Morty has a house, then JingleBelle gets the rest of the condo?!