Sunday, July 1, 2007

Morty and Ginglebelle are in a coma

The Montana crew are on the way to Chicago after a brief stop in Coates, NC to drop Miss Katy off at Mamaws house for a visit. I tried to tell Katy that Mamaw is a serial killer and hides the bodies in her basement so it would be safer for Katy to stay here. However, Katy is wise enough to know that Mamaw is one of the nicest kindest people in the world (and doesn't have a basement) so she didn't fall for my story. Katy will spend the week with Mamaw and then the two of them will be flying to Seattle to catch up with the rest of the family. I suggested to Polly and Tony that since they are criss crossing the country they might want to throw a few fruit baskets in the back of the Suburban and put the kids to work picking crops to make some extra pocket jingle. The kids were not impressed but Tony and Polly seemed to think it was a pretty nifty idea. They left Montana the first week of June and will not be home until the middle of July. Their kids are great travelers...and that's a good thing!

Chris taught the kids to play Blackjack last week so we were having a hot game before breakfast this morning and I decided we all needed "gambling names". Tory is Minnesota Slim, Katy is Shady Jackson, Sarah is Mississippi Mabel and Matthew is Sneaky Pete. I choose not to share my name. The kids all thought it was the funniest thing they had ever heard. I disagree.

After everyone left I took a pain pill plus two muscle relaxers and slept for 6 straight hours. I think the cats must have done the same thing. They both were on my bed and Morty was sleeping so sound his little ears were down around his face and he was limp as a dishrag. We all finally woke up to varying degrees of awareness and the biggest accomplishment of the afternoon was warming up a slice of frozen lasagna. I don't see how all of those older parents manage. I have had Katy for two weeks (and loved every minute) but I am exhausted! Speaking of exhausted...time for a shower and bed time. Back to my regular old boring schedule. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.