Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fits and Starts

This has been one of my fits and starts days. I start doing something like dusting or laundry and then I stop and start something else. The only problem with days like this are very few projects are actually completed. So far the only things I have managed to complete are reading the Sunday paper, a Diet Cherry Coke and 5 chapters in the book I'm trying to finish. I had already started this book (see I told you it was a fit and start day) and then got side tracked by Water For Elephants. I tried to convince myself that I NEEDED to read Water For Elephants because it's this months book club selection. Truth be told Water For Elephants is a much better book but I have trouble giving up on a author I like so I will keep plugging away and hopefully the plot on Salem will pickup speed. Jodi Picoult hasn't let me down yet so I am betting this book will be good too.
Polly and family arrived safely in Seattle last night. Katy and Naomi will meet them on Monday...wonder if Linda will be with them. I haven't talked to Eddie since Friday so I don't know what they were up to this weekend but if they had the same rainy weather we did I am betting it was something inside. It is so nice to see everything so green again. You can water all you want to but it's not the same as a good rain.
Ginglebelle is a juvenile delinquent. Every single time the front door opens she makes a run for freedom. I would like to remind her that until the Byrd's rescued her she was living under the porch of a house where a man was threatening to shoot her. The irony here is he was threatening to shoot her for trying to come in the house and I may shoot her for trying to get out! No wonder she is confused.


Eddie Carter said...

Poor Jingle Belle - she is just trying to escape the wrath of Morty!