Wednesday, July 25, 2007

School Clothes

Eddie and I have been chatting about things that happened when all three kids were still at home and this incident happened during Eddie's freshman year in high school. I was Assistant Registrar at the high school and my office was used by my children and their friends for everything from storage to counseling. Each year the kids received a set amount to spend for school clothes at the beginning of the year and they could choose (within reason) what they wanted. The Guess brand was really popular that year and Dillards had a Guess skirt with matching blouse and sweater that Eddie really really really wanted but it would take all of her clothing allowance plus some of her own money. We told her if she wanted it that badly she could use her babysitting money but it was foolish to spend all of her clothing allowance on one outfit. Of course she bought the outfit and wore it on the first day of school. Well, about 9:30 AM Eddie and two of her best friends came flying into my office, slammed the door shut and tears were flying in every direction. TRAGEDY had struck! Someone else had on the same outfit on the same day and she was NEVER EVER wearing it AGAIN! Everybody at school had seen the two of them in the same outfit, her life was RUINED. I tried to reason with Eddie and reminded her that happens all the time, no big know all the "Momisms". So what if another girl bought the same outfit. It was about that time that one of her friends told me that it wasn't another girl who had on the outfit. It was Brandon.....a senior guy who was also a transvestite. Eddie you are now this funny yet?

P.S. Eddie and I went shopping that night.


sammyosammy said...

Well, It might have been the end of the world back then but I couldn't help but smirk a little. Almost like Lucy and Ethel in the Best friends skit. ha-ha-ha

Jan said...

Sammy, It was more like Lucy and Fred! :-)

Eddie Carter said...

yes, I can laugh about it now - it really only took a couple of years to find it funny - sometimes Mom does actually know what she is talking about.