Monday, July 2, 2007

I am sooo busted

Sharon called this evening and we chatted for a long while. We had been leaving messages but kept missing each other. She was concerned about my arm and I assured her that I have a Dr's appointment on Thursday, my arm is in the sling and I'm wearing my cervical collar and all of that is MOSTLY true. Sharon didn't say she was stopping by to visit and check up on the patient. Well...the patient was bouncing down the stairs carrying two BIG bags of trash with no sling or cervical collar and ran into Sharon on her way upstairs with a beautiful fruit basket. Hey...the bag in the left hand was the lighter one! We had a great visit and Lib came over to join us for a few minutes. Sharon did leave the basket and I did have enough decency to be embarrassed but that didn't keep me from eating the fruit. Man, I can't get by with ANYTHING!
It is so quiet with all the kids gone. Ginglebelle got out twice this evening and I was ready to tie her tail to the doorknob. I made a big pot of vegetable soup for this week...I live on that stuff and did a few loads of laundry. Other than that I didn't do nothin'. Ok..time to throw the panties all over the furniture to dry and pray I don't need the paramedics tonight.


Eddie Carter said...

is it a party in Myrtle Beach or what?