Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Far out Dude, is it 1968....again?

Today was the next step in trying to figure out why my neck and shoulder have decided to suddenly disintegrate after 57 years of faithful service. The first person to YELL because you are OLD will be smacked. I have to say of all the fun things I have been doing these past few weeks today was the absolute BEST! As you know,I had already discovered that a closed MRI is not my cup of tea, however. the type of test I needed required a closed unit. Dr. Jordan said I could have a light sedation, would that be all right? Well...DUH, heck yes it will be all right! If I had known that sedation was an option I would have had the closed MRI on the first stop. Geez, helllllo people??? You are talking to a child of the 60's here!
You all know how much I LOVE asking for help but the MRI center insisted that I would need a driver and someone to be in the waiting room while I am La La Land or as my family & friends call it... Janny Land. My friend Debi said, "DO NOT worry, I WILL BE there!" "You KNOW you can count on me to be there with you!" "I willl NOT let you down!" Ummm, I think she even said it more than once, gave me a hug and hummed a chorus of a song by The Jackson Five, I'LL BE THERE. Soooooo, I get to work this morning and I see Debi packing up sales materials with car keys in hand. She looks me right in the eye and says, "OH...was that today?" Well.....let's just say thank goodness my REAL friend Libby stepped up to the plate and stayed by my side during my time of need. Oh all right that's not EXACTLY the way it happened but I do plan to work Debi's guilt real gooood.
Lib and I arrived at the Long Bay MRI center in plenty of time to do the mountain of paperwork and then came the little magic cup for my trip to Janny Land. As I am getting settled for my test the tech came in with a sheet, put my arms to my sides and proceeded to wrap me (very tightly) mummy style from shoulder to ankle. I bunny hopped over to the table praying there wouldn't be a fire because there is no possible way I could remove myself from this getup in time to save myself. Thank goodness I was entering the city limits of Janny Land or I am afraid this whole "wrapped up like a mummy and trapped in a clanging tube" would have gotten very ugly very quickly. Even with the sedation the test didn't end anytime too soon.
Lib and I grabbed a bite to eat at Salsaritas on the way home and I planned to nap and maybe watch a movie. Well, I turned on the TV (I know this because when I eventually woke up the TV was on) pulled up the afghan and awakened 5 hrs later. My cell phone was laying next to my cordless phone and one of them was ringing. I remember thinking, "Hmm, wonder which one of them is ringing?" Apparently that question didn't interest me enough to actually pick one of them up and say something brilliant like, oh maybe....hello? Me thinks I took the nap of all naps this afternoon.
My next appointment with Dr. Jordan is on the 19th and I hope to have some answers. Other than being wrapped mummy style in a sheet and bunny hopping in front of perfect strangers...today was not so bad. Except for being dumped by Debi, that hurt.


Eddie Carter said...

by the way, it was me calling to make sure you were okay. Obviously I was worried for no reason - I would love to have a nap like that!