Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Goodness gracious, I have an "oughtabeen" haircut.

An "oughtabeen" haircut is what my friend Barb calls a bad haircut because it looks like it "oughtabeen" on a dogs butt. I have such colorful friends. Let's just say my hair is a bit on the short and spikey side but two good things about my hair is it will eventually grow out and it sure won't take long to dye...I mean dry!
Good golly Miss Molly it is hot and humid today. Sid and Debi have arrived safely in the Keys and I cannot begin to imagine how hot it is there. They have the most beautiful tomato garden in town and wouldn't you know as soon as they hit the Myrtle Beach city limits their plants started producing ripe tomatoes at an alarming rate. Oh darn, hate that. In case you haven't figured this out yet I am having a tomato sandwich for supper. Heck, I MAY have two sandwiches! In my book there is nothing better than a fresh tomato sandwich with lots of Hellman mayo.
My arm/neck/shoulder are feeling better. The only medications I am taking are 2 regular Ibuprofen in the morning and one 800 mg Ibuprofen before I go to bed. If I have to go back to the pain meds then I will but for now I am able to manage fine as long as I wear my collar and sling on a regular basis. Hopefully I will hear from Dr. Jordan regarding my MRI tomorrow and my first pain receptor test is in his office on Friday.