Friday, July 6, 2007

MRI's Adored You? My Sertorcha?... It can't possibly be My Eyes Adored You...right??

Yes, My Eyes Adored You IS an old song from the 70's and the first time Dave and I heard it we were in Los Angeles tooling down the freeway in a cheapie rental car with no air conditioning and an AM radio. For months we both SWORE they were singing "My Sertorcha". Neither one of us could figure out what a "sertorcha" was and you have to remember this was waaay before the Internet. Hey, cut me some try to write something even mildly amusing when the only thing going on in your life is pain, old age and flatulence.
THE DAY finally arrived and I had my first visit with Dr. Jordan. I like him very much and he basically concurred with Dr. Lorch concerning my shoulder problem. Dr. Jordan ordered two tests that will be performed in his office (be kind, the man has a new boat to pay for) and an MRI. I pass right by the MRI office on my way home and decided to stop by and see if they could possibly work me in this afternoon. For once my timing was right and they had a cancellation. I cannot tell you how painful it was to lay flat on my back for almost 45 minutes but it was finally over and hopefully I will have some answers shortly. Fortunately the facility has the open MRI unit as I had no idea how claustrophobic I am until the tech put the Hanibel Lector mask on me and lowered the plate to within an inch of my face. If I kept my eyes shut it was OK, not great, but OK. When I opened my eyes all I wanted to do was yank that thing off and RUN or possibly hurt someone...preferably both. Dr. Jordan should have the results by Wednesday but this is South Carolina so I am hoping he has the report anytime before we are in a month with an R. When I arrived home all I wanted was a pain pill, Diet Cherry Coke and an afghan. So Morty, Ginglebelle and I cozied up on the couch to take a nap. The nap came after I cleaned up the Diet Cherry Coke I knocked off the coffee table while I was fluffing my pillow. I said a very bad word, twice.
Didn't think I was hungry but Lib brought over a wonderful dinner for me and I ate every bite. Big shock..huh? Time for another pain pill for me and a kitty treat for Morty and Ginglebelle. Ah yes....I truly live the life of Scott and Zelda.


sammyosammy said...

ooh. poor baby. I know just how you feel, isolated, not understood,
downhearted, just a slim hope tomorrow will be better, and all in all frustrated you can't solve this yourself. Hang in the old saying "THIS TOO WILL PASS"