Friday, July 27, 2007

1 Wedding and 2 Reunions

Tomorrow should be interesting. We start out with a wedding at 2PM, a family reunion at 6PM and another reunion at 7PM. Always makes it interesting when we use both banquet spaces at the same time. Each event lasts a minimum of three hours so there will be a lot of running up and down the stairs plus it doubles the wait staff and puts a real strain on the kitchen but it will be a good weekend for revenue.

Karl, Jennifer, Debi and I had lunch at Amechi's this their stuffed shells. Debi and I stopped at several of the shops on the way back to the aquarium but neither one of us bought anything. That was rare but it's really too early for the good sales and not much was marked down yet. There are a ton of tourists in town this week, almost as crowded as the week of the 4th. Ever hear of a "touron"? It's a cross between a tourist and a moron and they must be having a convention in Myrtle Beach this week. There were four lanes of traffic heading south and I was in the right center lane when a "touron" in the far right lane cut across all four lanes of traffic to turn left and oh yes, he also ran a red light making his turn. Yep, has to be a convention and I almost met their president.