Thursday, July 19, 2007

Today was a ton of fun!

Ever had a nerve receptor test? Well neither had I until today. Can't say it hurts, maybe a bit uncomfortable but very entertaining. The technician attaches electrodes to your hands and arms (or whatever body parts they are testing) and then turns the little dial until your hand flies up and smacks you in the face or in the case of my left hand....just lays there with an occasional twitch. Oh yeah, just a laugh a minute. The next fun activity planned for me is a muscle receptor test and this one sounds like a real barrel of laughs. Here is the way it was explained. OK...the Doctor will INSERT a LONG needle into various muscles and test their reaction with varying degrees of electrical current. Hmmm, how varying and who gets to decide when enough is enough? My guess is that person will not be the one wearing the ever so attractive gown that ties in the back. Well, boy howdy....does that sound like a good time or WHAT?? Guess that will not be a good day to wear my aluminum foil underwear.