Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Vulture Stalk

When I arrived at the aquarium this morning I had to do the "vulture stalk" to find a parking place. You know the vulture stalk....that's where you creep along in your car following pedestrains who you HOPE are getting in their car to leave and not just dropping off packages. I hate doing that but it was either vulture stalk or park on the other side of Broadway.
I have been behind getting contracts out and all those other mundane necessary tasks but by the time I left this evening everything was current. It's amazing how much work you can actually complete when the phone isn't constantly ringing. I brought my portable DVD player in with me, put on the headphones and watched/listened to old movies while I cranked out the paperwork. The earphones also deter people from stopping by to chat. :-) The two family reunions we had today could not have gone any smoother. Everyone arrived ALMOST on time, enjoyed each others company and were very complimentary. Today helped makeup for last nights debacle.
Tom and I were leaving at the same time this evening and decided to stop and get a bite to eat at Isle of Morada on the way home. Good food, good company, good time. After dinner we called Kim and see if she was up for a waterway party. Tressa and Cameron had gone to NASCAR Park with their Daddy so we caught her at a good time. The humidity and temperature are way down and with the breeze made it a very pleasant evening. Lots of boat traffic this evening and a few catfish fishermen. That's all she wrote! Nitey nite all.