Thursday, July 5, 2007

Funnel Cakes and Carmel Corn

Debi and I made a HORRIBLE discovery today. The Nostalgia Park has opened at Broadway At The Beach and they are selling funnel cakes less than 100 feet from the back door of the aquarium! Nooooo! Well, we had to try one this afternoon and they were just as wonderful as we were afraid they would be. Crispy edges, softer center but not too soft and drowned in powdered sugar. A breeze came up as we were coming across the bridge and blew the powdered sugar every where. We looked like two old fat cocaine addicts. It wasn't bad enough that there is a little man making carmel corn right around the corner..oh noooooo, we have to have funnel cakes too. What's next...deep fried Twinkies???
We were slammed at work today, not sure what the count was but it was a BUNCH. Of course that didn't stop me from getting a manicure this morning. Hey...good grooming is important when you work in sales. We had a small family reunion this evening and after they were seated I came home. Lib came over this afternoon and straighted up a bit for me. That was so sweet. The best thing she did was take the trash out. Since my shoulder is a mess it takes me awhile to get the trash down. I'm just pitiful.