Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Better Day

My goodness, it's amazing what a difference a little sleep can make. Welllll.....I'm not really sure if 15 hours counts as a LITTLE sleep but I certainly feel better. Sometimes Polly is too much like her mom. They finished their meetings in Chicago and instead of going to OK first they are driving straight through to MT. So Polly and family made it back to MT this morning around 2 AM. They are out at the ranch and will have their own fireworks show this evening. Matthew is out on the tractor helping his daddy with the hay this afternoon so he is a happy boy. Mike & Eddie's neighborhood is planning a bicycle parade, picnic, pool party and fireworks display. Ginglebelle, Morty and I had a much smaller celebration. Ginglebelle slept in her favorite chair and Morty snoozed on my shoulder while I read. Tough day. Hopefully by this time next week I will feel like myself again. HEY...I can hope can't I????