Saturday, July 14, 2007

Toe Hair

When you were 16 did you have toe hair? Well, neither did I and I never dreamed that when I hit 50 shaving my feet would be added to my morning shower ritual. Since we are discussing hair in places where it doesn't belong how about those chin hairs? What is up with that??? Every night before I go to bed I wash my face with an over priced, over promised, wrinkle reducing, puffiness eliminating, eye brightening magic soap followed by an equally over rated under performing night cream. After the cream has been slathered on I lean in REAL close to the mirror, twezzers in hand and check for the dreaded chin hair. Nothing, smooth as a babies bottom. The next morning after my feet have been groomed and my teeth brushed (or my teeth groomed and my feet brushed) I take one last look for the chin hair and OH MY GOSH.....that's not a hair, it's a rope! Where do they come from? NOTHING the night before and the next morning there is something growing out of my chin that appears long enough to anchor a small ship. I'm surprised it didn't wrap around my neck and strangle me in my sleep. Anyone who doesn't believe God has a sense of humor died before they hit 50.