Friday, July 20, 2007

Family Reunions or WHY I'M GLAD I'M AN ONLY CHILD

It must be reunions are booming at the aquarium. The one for this evening was especially delightful. It was scheduled to begin at 6 PM and the first guest finally arrived at 7:30 PM but I have come up with a great idea. Anytime I book a family reunion I am going to increase the price enough to cover the cost of a GIANT wrist watch for each family member. I wish I could say being late is not the norm for family groups but unfortunately it is not unusual. Chef Steve was ready to throw the food in the dumpster and scream, "NO CHICKEN FOR YOU!" To make it even better they happened to be one of the "messy" groups. Lord, Lord, Lord....even with three wait staff cleaning as fast as they could go it looked like food fight night at the frat house. We have two more reunions tomorrow but nothing scheduled for Sunday...thank you, thank you, thank you!