Thursday, July 12, 2007

Where were you on Sunday February 9, 1964?

Anny, Bev Parrot and I were at Carol Limoge's house watching John, Paul, George and Ringo's first appearance on Ed Sullivan and from that day forward we love loved LOVED The Beatles! I still remember Anny and I walking home that night in our bermuda shorts and knee socks . We crunched our way through the frozen snow discussing which Beatle was the cutest. Paul, of course...DUH. Anny and I had made a pact before school started that year to wear shorts all winter. Drove our mothers crazy but we (and our red chapped knees) made it until spring. We even ice skated on Harrisons pond in our berumuda shorts and thought we were quite the rebels. That was also the winter that I drove my grandfather's 1962 black Chevy Impala (two door hardtop with a red stripe and red interior, the coolest car EVER) right through the back of the garage. For some reason their garage was built almost a quarter of a mile from the house at the end of a long gravel driveway. The high point of my day was when my Poppy came home from the store and he let me put the car in the garage. I had been parking the car very successfully for almost a year and I still don't know for sure what happened but I am guessing I hit the gas instead of the brake. It was a looooong walk back to the house to tell my grandparents that not only was their car behind the garage instead of in the garage but the garage now had an entrance AND an exit plus a slight tilt to the left. Fortunately Poppy was a Democrat so the tilt to the left was just fine with him.


sammyosammy said...

I loved the story about your Grandpa's car. I had about the same thing happen to me. Harvey and I just moved into a different house . In order to get in the garage you had to swing in a little to the left. Iguess I forgot that coming out you had to swing a little to the right. #Well that night I had to tell Harvey I hoit his new house with his new car. I built it up so big, with this horrible look on my face, that
he was totally relieved to see no marks on the car and jsut a little peice off the house.