Saturday, June 30, 2007

The OTHER Daughter

Hello, this is Granny Jannys other daughter, Polly. I thought I would start her blog this evening. We have had a wonderful time visiting. We have gone to the beach, eaten more seafood than needed, let the cat out twice in one day and had to chase her down, painted our toes, "O" and ate two dozen Krispy Creame Donuts in one day. Life is Grand! And Barb just in case you have read this, we had the best bacon for breakfast! Too bad so sad, next time stick around. We have had a wonderful time!

OK, this is Granny Janny and everything Polly wrote is true but I would have left out the Krispy Creame part. Katy and I worked this afternoon while the rest of the family went shopping at Broadway at the Beach. There was a wedding reception at the aquarium but we were finished by 4 so we met the rest of the family for an early dinner. If you are in Myrtle Beach the week before the 4th of July and plan to eat out then you eat at 4 in the afternoon or 9 at night. After dinner Polly and Tony did more shopping while the kids and I came home and played UNO. The kids also played Twister but I was the "caller". We thought that was best since I am still wearing my neck brace. This is short but I currently have four children bouncing off the walls shouting, "Grandma! Grandma! Grandma!" Nitey nite.


Mamaw said...

I found out Nickname "GAS BAG" LOL