Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Party's Over...

Great song, I don't remember the lyrics but it says it all for today! Bob & Linda's surprise party was a huge success. Rob, Jeff and Aaron did a wonderful job with the food and decorations. I'm sure Grandma Verna played a major role with the food as everything was delicious and there were several homemade things on the table. Cousins Chris, Joe and Larry were there from Urbana and Lou & Charlotte came in from Denver. Of course we sat together but only created minor disturbances. Huge improvement over our previous party behavior.

The rental car, oh my goodness the rental car. I get to the counter and the Enterprize agent asks if I would like the Trailblazer, Dodge something or other or the Xterra. I've never driven an Xterra so I said I would like that one. It did not occur to me to ask about the color of the vehicle but I do think if you are a rental car company and you are about to hand the keys over for a vehicle that is state truck would be nice to mention that fact ahead of time. I swear the thing had a long white arm on the side with a bright red stop sign. IT WAS THE UGLIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. So next time you rent a car ask about the color, I certainly will!

The shoulder is bearable. I've been "staying ahead" of the pain by keeping it iced down and taking pain meds every two hours. You better believe I will be in my Dr's office the minute I get back to Myrtle Beach. I really really hope it's a simple fix.

Polly and family are still about an hour out of Chicago so I won't get to see them until tomorrow morning. Hopefully we can meet for breakfast or lunch so I can at least see all the kids before we take off for Charlotte.

Guess I better get a move on, Banana Barb just called and she is on the shuttle on the way to the hotel. Neither one of us have had dinner yet so that will be our first stop.