Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This entire week has been declared KATY FEST. Kate came to work with me early this morning and had a ball. No people, no music and she had the run of the aquarium. Kate made herself right at home and I think she now knows more people who work there than I do. She made friends with Ed Parsons who took her to see Gabby (328 lb green sea turtle) be put in her tank to eat and get medicine for her injured eye. Kate spent a big part of the morning at Friendship Flats with the stingrays and then moved to the horseshoe tank. The best part was when Ed came back to get her so she could watch the aquarists feed the sharks. Oh my goodness...we were standing on a teeny tiny little rock ledge (Polly, quit reading right NOW) just inches from 10 and 12 ft sharks. If I had moved my right foot 6 inches I would have had my foot on a shark. In a shark? I know Katy had a good time this morning because she didn't even ask go to the gift shop until 3 PM.
Barb, Kate and I had a wonderful dinner at Bonefish Grill this evening. Of course Barb had our favorite...bang bang shrimp. Kate had tenderloin and I had chicken marsala. Everything was outstanding as always. After dinner we stopped at the Old World Market and did some window shopping before going to the show at The Palace. Excellent performance.
Tomorrow Katy is going kayaking with a group of kids from the aquarium so she should have a good time. Barb leaves tomorrow but Katy and I are trying to think of ways to convince her to stay longer. So far.....nothing is working. :-(


sammyosammy said...

Oh, how I wish we were heading for South Carolina this fall. Our friend has terminal cancer and we know he won't be able to come back this year. Maybe next year????