Thursday, June 28, 2007

Katy Fest Continues

Once again we arrived early so Miss Kate can make her rounds to visit all the animals. She also found two small leaks in the tunnel (water leaks are not good grandma, they never get smaller and need to be repaired right away), a jellyfish who didn't look so good and one of the sword fish has a new injury on his side. She reported her findings to the proper authorities at the aquarium and I quietly slunk to my office to hide. How much would you like to bet the aquarium staff is marking off the days until Miss Kate heads back to MT? Ed Parsons told her that he would try to catch up with her tomorrow when he feeds the octopus so she can help. Kate spent the morning meeting more of the staff (I can't imagine there are any she has missed) and helping me with some filing. In case you are wondering...I am not third or even fourth choice of things to do at the aquarium. More like a necessary evil you have to deal with before you can do the fun stuff with a clear conscience. On my way to a meeting this morning I found her talking with a family at one of the tanks telling them all about the fish, their habitat, what they eat and where they came from. Bet those folks wondered how they picked up a personal tour guide. After lunch Kate joined the camp kids and went snorkeling in Murrells Inlet. The tide was extremely low so it was not the best of days for that activity. She did learn the proper snorkeling techniques but the water was too murky to see much. I snagged Miss Kate when the camp kids returned and we did a little shopping (can't tell what we bought, who do you think this is...Polly??) at Broadway and then headed to Planet Hollywood for an early dinner. We had the burgers (yes, AGAIN) and stopped at the gift shop for a Planet Hollywood t-shirt and hat. That stop was amateur shopping...we moved up with the big dogs and went to Goody's for a power shopping trip. We found two of the CUTEST dress up outfits, pajamas and t-shirts for Miss Kate. We hit the jackpot and listen to this Anny....they were ALL 60% off! Not bad huh? I had to get my prescription filled so I dropped Kate off at the condo while I headed down the street to Wal-greens. They had computer problems but after seeing me in my neck collar and arm sling they took pity on me and filled mine first. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! When I arrived home Kate and Morty were all snuggled up on the couch watching Hannah Montana. Is there some sicko network that broadcasts Hannah Montana 24 hrs a day or am I hallucinating??? We are off to bed.