Sunday, June 24, 2007

Church, Brunch and Shopping

We had a great Sunday. Everyone (except me) made it to church on time. I missed my early dose of pain medicine and was not in any shape to sit in a church pew for an hour so I stayed in the recliner. However, I truly am much better and as long as I take my meds on time I am in very little pain. I hope to be able to return to Myrtle Beach after my appointment with Dr. Lorch tomorrow morning.
Mike took everyone out to a wonderful brunch at Providence Cafe after church. Great sandwiches with fried green tomatoes and mashed potatoes! Sounds like a "interesting combination" but everything was very good. After brunch we came back to the house and Eddie was home! Cameron and Mike had a boys day out while Eddie, Avery, Katy, Barb and I hit our favorite shops at South Park Mall along with a stop at the food court for a bite to eat before we came home. Claire's of course was a hit with the girls as well as Lubby Lou's. We window shopped at Front Gate, Tiffany's and Macy's. Avery bought two cute new outfits at Children's Place while Katy shopped for her family at several different speciality shops. We tried to talk Katy into letting Grandma and Aunt Eddie buy a few cute outfits just for her but she declined on this trip. Oh well, I bet we go shopping again before she is gone. We shopped at Bare Essentials so I could replenish my makeup and no I didn't buy a wheelbarrow load. Eddie had a new experience at Bare Essentials. She has never worn blush and decided to experiment and see how it looks on her. The two salespeople were both men....wearing makeup including lip gloss and curled eyelashes. Anyway, what he picked was absolutely perfect and just what she was looking for. As we were leaving Katy whispered in my ear, "Grandma...was that man wearing makeup?" Yes Katy I think he was and we aren't in Kansas anymore.